How Does Bridge Among Friends Work

Play online bridge or play bridge in person.

Rounds, player movements, board movements, calculation of results are all taken care of.

Pre-dealt uploaded hand options for traditional games or automatically generated hands for online games.

How to become a member

Sign up from the Home screen, create new groups and invite friends to play bridge in your groups.  Or accept an invitation sent to you by a member of an existing group. 

Bridge games to play

Anyone in the group can set up a game of bridge - a teams event, duplicate pairs event or individual games.  Bridge Among Friends has a simple booking system where anyone in the group can make bookings.  You can book in by yourself or with a partner or with a guest and/or book in any number of other players in the group.

Games come with a variety of movements to choose from depending on the number of tables and the type of game. 

Play the game

ONLINE BRIDGE - login and play bridge.

PLAY TRADIONAL BRIDGE IN PERSON - login, select the table you're sitting at, select your opponents and switch or rotate players to get the right North/South and East/West orientations.  Shuffle/deal or play the cards (as instructed) then record the scores. Follow instructions to the next table for each new round.

At the end of the game, results for team events, duplicate bridge, individual bridge games are displayed, no hand records needed - this is an environmentally friendly game!

Extend an invitation to another group to play

Invite another group to join your game - select one or more groups that you're a member of.  Members of each group make bookings, play Round Robin or American Whist team events or duplicate bridge with Mitchell or Howell movements.


See FAQ for frequently asked questions and how to's.  Also see extensive Help section with ability to search.