How Does Bridge Among Friends Work

Sign up, create new groups, invite players to join a group.

Set up a game of bridge - duplicate, teams bridge or an individual bridge game.  Book in a game of bridge to play.  Bridge Among Friends has a simple booking system where anyone in the group can make bookings.  Book yourself in or with a partner or with a guest and/or book in any number of other players in the group.

The convener of the game selects a movement - bridge movements vary depending on the number of tables, players and the type of game.  Enter the number of boards per set which determines the number of boards to be played. 

Players can select the table they are sitting at, add opponents, switch or rotate players to get the correct North/South and East/West orientations. Or players can be assigned to tables when the game is started.

Bridge Among Friends provides instructions as to when to shuffle/deal or play the cards for each board and displays player movements at the end of each round. At the completion of the game, IMPs or match points or victory points etc are calculated and bridge results are displayed.  No hand records needed - this is an environmentally friendly game!


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