Bridge Among Friends Virtual Tours

Check out our virutal tours around Bridge Among Friends to show you how easy it is to use.  Note that a quirk in the videos are drop downs which work perfectly in the program but don't show up in the videos.

Sign Up

Your name, email address, country and timezone are all that's needed to sign up on @AppName. @AppName sends you an email with a password to log onto the program - check your junk folder if you can't find it.  Once logged on you can Create a New Group then Invite Players to join your group. 

Create a New Group

Create a new group then you can invite players to join your group and play duplicate bridge or team games.

Invite players to join your bridge group

Invite players to join your group to play duplicate bridge or team games.  Enter an email address for each player and click Send to send out the invitations. Check with your players that they receive their invitations in case the email goes into their junk folder.

Accept invitation to join a bridge group

If your invitation does not appear in your inbox, check in your spam folder.  Also check with your convener that the invitation was sent to your correct email address.

Once you receive the invitation you can click on the link or copy/paste it into your browser.  Enter your name and a password you'd like to use to log into @AppName then click Accept.

On Bridge Games Coming Up, click on a game you'd like to play in and make a booking.

Setup a New Game

Set up new games for duplicate bridge, team events or individual games.

Once your games are set up they will appear on Bridge Games Coming and your players can book themselves into the game.

Book a Game of Bridge

From Bridge Games Coming Up, click on a game you'd like to play and make a booking.

Book in yourself with or without a partner or book other players on their behalf into the game.

Play bridge, take a seat

The program knows what games of bridge you are scheduled to play. Login to play and go straight to the tables. For a traditional game, select the table you're sitting at and select your opponents. You can drag/drop players around to get the correct orientations. Now you're ready to play.

Start a Bridge Game

Add guests or unexpected players on Bookings screen and remove any players that haven't turned up.

Check that orientations are correct for all seated players.  Players that have not been seated will be assigned to a table when the game is started.

Click on Edit Games, select the movement, the number of boards per set and start the game.

Record Scores, Enter Hands

Record and verify scores and optionally enter cards for each hand. The finish key deals remaining cards in the suit to the current hand.  A few seconds after you stop dealing cards into a hand, the program will advance to the next hand however you can select any hand to deal cards to at any time.  You can also select any suit to deal cards from by selecting the appropriate suit above the cards.  Drag/drop cards from one hand to another to correct any mistakes with cards dealt.

Restart the Game

You can restart the game any time after the game has started.  All scores entered will be deleted but players and seating will remain unchanged.  Make changes necessary to players and/or seating then start the game again.

Upload Hands

Upload hands from a number of common formats including BBO's LIN files from their vugraph archives.  Also accepted are PBN, DUP, BRI, BRE, DGM, DIM, ALL and CSV files.

All valid boards in the file are loaded up, if you don't use them all it doesn't matter.  If you require more boards than the number of boards loaded up then you'll be prompted to shuffle and deal the new boards.

Reset a board

A mistake has been made with a score that has been verified.  Reset it from Edit Game screen.

Proceed to the Next Round

Instructions are provided for all players to proceed to the next round including where the boards go.

Bridge Results

At the end of each game the results are displayed automatically. You can view the results of any game from Bridge Games Played under the Bridge Games menu. Navigate to any team or board, the cards in each hand will be displayed if you have uploaded a file or entered the hands after recording the scores.